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Triple L's

Glutenfree Protein Bread with Seeds

Glutenfree Protein Bread with Seeds

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This big bag is for one delicious Protein Bread.

Add on: 5 large eggs and plain Greek Yogurt

Handpicked Ingredients: From the freshness of sunflower seeds to the zing of flaxseeds, our mix contains the finest handpicked ingrediens, ensuring a robust and balanced flavor profile.

Glutenfree: Boost your baking with a protein-rich bread baking mix. This mix is gluten-free and contains oat bran for added health benefits.

Healthier Choice: By choosing Triple L's, you're opting for natural ingredients. This spice mix is free from artificial additives, ensuring a healthier indulgence.

Endless Creativity: Unleash your culinary creativity with a glutenfree Protein bread mix. Experiment with new recipes and create delightful surprises for your loved ones.

Time-Saving: Our bread mix takes the guesswork, saving you time and effort. Achieve consistent, authentic flavors effortlessly.

Customer Satisfaction: Join our satisfied customers who have experienced the magic of Triple L's. Enhance your baking with the perfect balance of protein and taste.

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