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Big 100g German Currywurst spice - for about 10 Family size recipes -

Big 100g German Currywurst spice - for about 10 Family size recipes -

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This big bag (100g/3.53oz) is for about 10 delicious recipes of your choice. 

Our Currywurst spice is very mild and kid friendly.

100% Organic: Our Currywurst Spice is crafted with a commitment to pure, organic ingredients. You can trust that every spoonful is free from synthetic additives, preservatives, and pesticides.

Authentic German Recipe: We've carefully blended our spice mix to stay true to traditional German Currywurst flavors. Each aromatic pinch embodies the essence of memories and traditions passed down for generations.

Handpicked Ingredients: From the immune system boosting turmeric and ginger to the zing of healthy fenugreek and cumin, our mix contains the finest handpicked spices, ensuring a robust and balanced flavor profile.

Versatile Use: Beyond German Currywurstsauce, our Currywurst spice adds depth and character to a wide range of cooked dishes, from sauces and meat rub to appetizers and indian dishes.

Convenient Resealable Pouch: Our packaging keeps your spice mix fresh, allowing you to savor its delightful aroma and flavor with each use.

Unforgettable Flavor: Elevate your cooking with a spice mix that encapsulates the fresh, nostalgic taste of Germany. Impress your family and friends with delicious, homemade dishes that leave lasting memories.

Healthier Choice: By choosing Triple L's Organic Currywurst spice, you're opting for organic, natural ingredients. This spice mix is free from artificial additives, ensuring a healthier indulgence.

Endless Creativity: Unleash your culinary creativity with a spice blend that goes beyond Currywurstsauce. Experiment with new recipes and create delightful surprises for your loved ones.

Time-Saving: Our Currywurstsauce takes the guesswork out of spice blending, saving you time and effort. Achieve consistent, authentic flavors effortlessly. To every order we'll add a fast Currywurst sauce recipe.

Customer Satisfaction: Join our satisfied customers who have experienced the magic of Triple L's Organic Currywurst Spice. Enhance your cookin with the perfect balance of spice and tartness.

Very fast German Currywurst sauce: Mix 2 tsp. Currywurst spice with 8 tsp. Ketchup and heat it up. Serve it with a Wiener or Brat and French Fries.

Sprinkle it simply over ketchup and you have a delicious, healthier homemade Fast Food.

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